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Corporate Training Services

At Genesis Zeal We render all sorts of Corporate training and Campus training Services, Enterprise Solution in Delhi.

We also offer entire range of solutions for Information Technology and HRM sector including IT services and enterprise empowerment. In addition to these services we provide wide range of IT and HR consulting including onsite, offsite and offshore resources… Such as..

We provide timely valid corporate ....

Campus Training

Graduate yourself with Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions campus training programs. When you are about to leave your college campus, your next target would be get the best job offer. This could be possible only if you acquired a contemporary education about fields that run the industry. There few courses which holds the complete industrial system.

Here is the list of our training programs-

  1. Networking- We provide exclusive....


Corporate Training

A qualified and trained is always welcome and adorable in corporate sector. But to stand on the expectations of a company, you need to be trained and have expertise in your profile. Corporate training gives you platform to build yourself and throw out all weaknesses which could create obstacles in your way.

Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions is a brand destination for different solutions that are needed professionally. One of those eminent....


Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions provides you a ready-to-learn environment where you got a complete professional corporate training. Our inhouse training will supervise and educate you with measures that will make you capable to marshal your professional career with ease and comfort. A fresh graduate never have enough information about the practices being run in corporate or industrial sector, thus without sufficient knowledge, he or she may feel ....




Are you looking for an eminent and career-oriented internship in industrial training? Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions welcomes with both hands open. Genesis Zeal provides core industrial training internship for technical students who apart from their regular courses try to get that education which are latest and required in the industries, for instance, networking, programming & database, big data training etc.

Internship is a short....


Workshop is a short training programs where fresh graduates are given practical training session for various course modules. Genesis Zeal Multi solutions coordinates workshop throughout the years at various colleges for those students who have least time from their course and study classes. We provide utmost knowledge and training in minimum time and thus give you ethical and useful education regarding various technical subjects.



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