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Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has established in 2010, (An ISO 9001 : 2008 & 27000 : 2001 Certified org ) the recruitment diligence in India had started just booming. Some of leading recruitment industries were peaching and empanelled with the top companies. During these years we got evolution and empanelled with many companies. We sentinel for outsourcing the manpower to the clients as per their requirement. GZMS well aware about dynamics in industry and decided to empanel with top organization to avail the recruitment services to the clients. We offer the complete staffing and recruitment solutions to the clients. Genesis Zeal offers the following services as given below.

  • Geneesis Zeal Multi Solutions is a hub of HR Recruitment, Staffing and Placement Solutions for our valuable clients.
  • We deliver Temporary, Contractual and Permanent staffing solution to the clients.
  • We are also responsible for HR Outsourcing as Payroll, Training, PMS and HRD.
  • GZMS assist for Stall/Stand Designs and fabricating and display them in Trade Events and exhibitions to the clients on requirement basis.
  • We are in to Corporate Training, Institutional Training and Professional Training.
  • We serve Web Designing/ Development Solutions to clients as per their requirement.
  • We are in to Web Promotion/Internet/Digital Marketing, Media, Advertisement and E- Marketing.

Human Resource Service (Executive Search)

Permanent Staffing-

Genesis Zeal has a team of experienced recruiters. They have experience in recruitment globally which help us to differentiate our work style as compared to our competitors. GZMS focus on quality more than quantity that mean send only relevant profiles to clients. We conceive and respect the trust level of our clients on us as they have given an opportunity to work for them. Our HR professionals shortlist the relevant resumes and properly analyze the people behind the resume and forward it the client. We check the candidate’s previous organizational record, his/her behavior in the team as well as his company retentive terms. It means that we deliver a long term employee to our client. Genesis believe in result oriented customized services.

Result oriented customized services-

Genesis understands the dynamics and challenges of newly established organization as well as the continuous development in the Multinational Companies and offers the qualitative as well as productive solutions against their challenges. At every step Genesis assist you as an association and meet your requirement through Permanent Recruitment Solution to the clients at different verticals of industry.

Genesis Zeal has superior selection process for Permanent Recruitment through which we deliver relevant candidates to company. The profiles given to us whether it is entry level, middle level or senior level handled through Genesis Zeal. In order to meet customer’s requirements we need to go through many assessments and results a qualitative delivery for client.

Why Choose Permanent Staffing?

  • Genesis is a hub of relevant candidates.
  • We explore and send the regular tracker of candidates who are appearing for the interview.
  • We check communication skill, aptitude, verbal and non verbal skill before sending for the interview.
  • Genesis offers 24*7 customer support to the clients.
  • Our services are quick and cost effective.
  • Genesis also hire project based employee for our clients.

Temporary Staffing:

Genesis Zeal offers Temporary Staffing services to the clients for a very short time period. Genesis knows the necessity and demand of your business as some time you need the employee for a short time period. We anticipate you to empanel with our organization as well as your friends always.

GZMS explores the client’s requirement and arises as a victor by delivering the Temporary employee to them. Our Temporary Staffing services are accurate and qualitative and deliver within time. Genesis Zeal assures you about employees hired from us are competent, skilled, experienced, technically sound and relevant. They are capable to work on assigned project. Genesis is a hub and the center of resolution of all types of recruitment requirements.

If you hire us as a temporary staffing company then you will reduce your hiring risk.

Why Choose Temporary Staffing ?

Temporary staffing idea comes in to existence in 1940. In temporary staffing concept we simply hire our own people as required by clients and let them work on client’s site for many official tasks. Here at Genesis we hire quality professions for short and long term on requirement basis. We hire temporary staff for world class superior companies as well as small and mid-sized companies to the all verticals of the industries. Genesis is responsible for all level profile hiring.

  • Genesis puts up employees at all verticals and in all industries in a very short as well as long time notice period. Genesis is a pliable and one stop staffing campaign covering a wide range of technocrats and skilled professionals.
  • Genesis has foremost training and evaluation program system which assure the client that employee which we have hired has technical skill to succeed their business.
  • Genesis explore extensive industry research and ensure our clients that our manpower is ready for the services and meet their requirement in the given time frame in traditional and non- traditional environment.
  • Genesis give support wherever you want that means we always focus on employee performance than the payroll issues.

Contract Staffing-

We know that in corporate each company is looking for endowment and pick off their manpower as per their requirement. Genesis offers short term and long term, cost effective and flexible contract staffing solutions to the clients. Genesis has a team of well trained recruiters and well executed staff recruitment processes which results a huge database of proficient employee at minimum price. We process qualitative and quick resources on requirement basis to clients.

Contract-To-Hire Staffing-

In today economic scenario hiring of an employee is very crucial decision. Hiring of an employee means inducing new resources, engulf money to them that directly affects company economy. Genesis keeps these things in mind and delivers you the right candidates within deadline. If client get interest in our hired employee then we offer a trial period for working on their site. After completion of trial period client will decide whether continue with selected candidate or not.

Genesis has a great track record of delivering the perfect matching employee as required by clients. We hire employees on GZMS pay roll and let them work on client’s project. We made contract with clients and hire employees according to their requirement. We ensure that candidate built a true and long term relationship with clients. The employee will work for client’s project and get payment from us. We will get the payment from client.   

Advantages of Contract Staffing-

Contract staffing abbreviate to staff augmentation, consulting and temporary staffing. You can use any of those terms and accredit and analyze the short term requirement for long time development. If you want to minimize recruitment risk, GZMS offer highly proficient staffing solutions for mid to senior level employee on contract basis.

Why Choose Our Contract Services ?

  • Our recruiters thoroughly study client’s requirements, screen and assess their resumes.
  • Genesis assure for highly qualified professionals in the given time period.
  • We have a team of experience, dedicated and specialized recruiters who are responsible for contract hiring.
  • Genesis has a huge talent pool and we are ready to work when you will share the profile with us in a very short time.
  • Genesis reduces your employee hiring risk, payroll tax issue and delivers the cost effective service as well as benefits administration.
  • Genesis Zeal will take care of medical insurance, life insurance and retirement. We will take care of all these financial issues on requirement basis.
  • Clients no need to take care of pension plan contributions.
  • Genesis will be responsible for administrative work.

Others Aspects of Human Resources Process (Outsourcing)

Recruitment process outsourcing is the other name of business process outsourcing. Genesis offers recruitment process outsourcing services to the clients. RPO is a business module where an employer delivers all its recruitment like recruitment and document assessment to external recruitment service provider. Genesis is the renowned organization comes out with entire requirements of clients. Genesis stands as a leading recruitment process outsourcing company in today’s competitive business environment. We have innovative ideas that about how to systematically bring talent to the clients as they required.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll is a very important and crucial obligation for an employer in their business. You can’t proceed in your business without payroll management and it is not very easy to manage. Genesis Zeal offers aerodynamic and error-free payroll services to the clients. By adopting our payroll services the client opens their business insight, enhance abidance and move the business towards well managed human capital management. Payroll is not only the way to make payment to employee but is a well managed paying process which results to reduce the cost and palliates compliance risk. Genesis offers end to end solutions, legal, tax compliance avoids capital investment to the clients.

We offer the following services:

  1. Monthly salary calculation
  2. Bank Transferring work
  3. Statutory Compliance
  4. Online Facility
  5. Salary Structuring
  6. Management Report
  7. Joining Process
  8. Full and Final Settlement
  9. Audit support

What We Do ?

  • Genesis is responsible for tax payment & monthly, quarter and annual return submission against the contract done with the clients.
  • Genesis takes care for E-TDS return and formalities of form 16.
  • We have the management of leave application, approval and responsible for its submission.
  • We offer recovery of pay slips. Any employee can download their pay slip any time from our website.
  • We have master Data for each employee.

Why Choose Our Payroll Service ?

Genesis offers an excellent and efficient payroll process which is helpful for our clients to reduce cost, risk and time. 

  • Genesis offers very simple, streamlined and quick payroll services.
  • Genesis has a record of entire employee life cycle from date of joining to exit.
  • We have error free documents & reports and amalgamate all the queries with sharp business intelligence.
  • Clients meet less risk to penalties as well as compliance.
  • Genesis has deployed best and best resources for clients.
  • Genesis assist and reduces infrastructure investment.
  • Genesis has effective experience in resolving employee’s issues.
  • Genesis enhances the productivity as well as profitability of the clients.
  • Genesis has automatic and guaranteed tax calculations.
  • Genesis offers instant paychecks for contractual employees.
  • We offer free direct deposit.
  • Genesis offers some applications that can run iPad, iPhone or Android.
  • Genesis works with or without quickbooks.

Corporate and statutory compliances Outsourcing-

Genesis offers corporate and statutory compliance outsourcing services to the clients. We know that compliance abbreviated as “acting according to certain accepted standards” and statutory stands for “prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute” .So statutory compliances means we are;

  • Espousing the low and regulations on the issues raised by our clients.
  • We follow all rules and regulations as govern by Central and State corporate authorities and protect our client from legal issues.

We know that maintaining account records, payroll processing, statutory compliances and other back office works are very important and took a significant time and attention in corporate and creditworthy for a substantial cost center to the company. So here Genesis is a renowned company to offer these services to be completed in a very short time period at affordable cost. We experience that our clients need to focus on their core business operations rather than wasting their crucial time in to back office and support work. We are here to take care of all these responsibility and liability as per required by clients.

Genesis work against the following support:

Payroll processing and delivery:

·         Genesis offers payroll management and processing services.

         Genesis offers Tax Return, computation and deposit supports to the employees.

·         We are here to assist PF related issues.

Corporate Training:

Genesis Zeal is a renowned organization and got a great excellence and reputation in corporate training. GZMS is dealing in corporate training as professional workshops, courses and many more programs which encourage and helpful people in their career and company to meet their goals. Our clients continuously appreciate our work quality as well as our team effort. GZMS has the team of technocrats professionals who have the relevant experience which is helpful for students to boost up their technical skills and utilize it for industry.

Genesis delivers public seminars, coaching, mentoring and on job training that supports company and the candidate in sustaining and enhancing their potential, mission and vision. We know that as we are keen & clear in our goal and mission than the time is not that much far to get success in our own. We paint a picture infront of people how to balance their professional as well as personal life.

At Genesis Zeal we have a team of experience lecturers and trainers who can trained you and increase your productivity. We are here to help out employer to make effective hiring descisions and deliver the effective training module to the trainers.Genesis offers training programmes which are helpful in enhancing team lead quality, decision making quality  which is helpful in gaining and maintaining this competitive corporate.

We conduct training on leadership, decision making, presentation, selling, creativity and problem solving skill. We have the short term training modules.

Leadership Skill:

We know that India’s top most great leaders are mortals who are very keen, clear and confident about their goals and worked hard to get success. They have inspired individuals to do the same. Genesis has a vision to build and improve leadership quality by inducing corporate training programmes. Genesis primary motive is to equip our concerns with tools and training modules to help people succeed and explore their role in market and can be a leader. We believe that our leadership training module will be helpful to increase their leadership quality.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the keyword for a successful business. Customer satisfaction gives a significant impact on business as it gives a repeat business and referrals. Genesis offers a synergistic workshop with effective tools which are helpful to meet the customer satisfaction any time. In customer satisfaction training modules we cover following topics:

·         We suggest keywords to analyze the customer need and experiences?

·          What is the need of measuring customer experiences?

·         How do we mend our customer experience?

·         How do we explore and design customer experience chart?

·         We discuss about how to direct our staff for customer satisfaction. 

As we are offering the customer satisfaction training module we suggest the keywords to individuals that how to classify primary and secondary audience.

Decision making skill:

Genesis offers decision making training module. We know that decision making is the cognitive process of reaching to a decision. Solving the problems and making decision are the crucial skills for higher level authority in the company. Managers and leaders think about the forthcoming problems in the company and take a quick decision so that problems do not affect company’s economy. Decision making includes local thinking, improve analytical skill, logical thinking and personal and interpersonal skill. If we are responsible for decision making then we should have thorough knowledge about various techniques used in industries.

Sometimes it may happened that your decision is in routine and create the complexity in your business. It may occur because of these terms given as:

  • Uncertainty: Sometimes it may occur that we don’t have enough knowledge about the facts and stay in doubt.
  • Complexity: If we are going to take decision then it may cause that some irrelevant factors come in to existence which should not be consider.
  • High-risk consequences: We instruct the impact of decision is substantial so risk is very high while taking decisions.
  • Interpersonal issues: We should find out different personals reaction on our decision.

As Genesis offers decision making training module and according to that we have made some steps which we suggest to opt before taking any decision. 

·         We should set our objective first.

·         We should do market analysis and compare it in current market scenario.

·         We need to find out many solutions for that.

·         We should evaluate many options present in the market.

·         When we explore for solutions then we should pick the best one from them…

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