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Support Services

Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions exhibition stalls are portable and reusable at ephemeris of exhibitions and shows. They are time-saver, hassle-free use and reducing financial burden to a long extent. Our support services are advantageous for many reasons-

Installation & Disassembling Services-

Relax and approach your visitors. We provide you a complete professional and experienced management team head by a project manager who with its expert staffs will install and disassemble the stall perfectly. You just have to run your program and rest is our responsibility.


GZMS gives full logistics backing to your display stand right from bundling to transporting and handover at the show venue anyplace over the world. Our own particular fleet of transport vehicles makes logistics a smooth undertaking for your occasion anywhere in India. Do you wish to dispose of your stand material after the show; we can return and gather it for reusing.

Repository Management-

We can depot your stand materials for your next show at our deliberately set distribution center. Capacity for your stand material at universal displays is just as simple with our warehousing offices.

Repair Services-

Our concealed exhibition stands are reusable and accompany various approved technology. If you have any inconsistency or on the off chance that you wish to supplant/add accessories to your stand, give us a calll! Our repair service staffs are expeditious so there will be no hiccups in your display.

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